DocpadTM 10C

The all-rounder for everyday medical work

Also available as Android

All patient information is made available directly at the Point of Care. With the integrated front and rear camera, comprehensive documentation can be carried out immediately on site.

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Optimum mobility through flexibility

The perfect choice for documentation relating to medical reports or referral letters. With one simple click, a keyboard can be connected to the tablet and the device can be used just as flexibly as a standard notebook computer. In just a few taps, the information you need is right there on the screen.

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Extra safe & secure

The DocpadTM 10c fulfils the EN 60601-1 standard, meaning it is safe to use in everyday medical work. It can be used while wearing gloves and sits securely in your hand thanks to the rough surface on the back. Other plus points include its long battery life and excellent price-performance ratio.

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Extremely practical: The passive stylus

With the stylus you can use the device more precisely than with your finger, as only the thin tip touches the screen – so it feels like you are writing on paper.

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Possible fields of application

Medical specialists and consultants

An accompaniment to documentation for medical specialists and consultants. With the integrated front and rear camera, no information is lost. During an examination, notes can be made by hand using the stylus. Once the examination is complete, the keyboard can be clicked into place and the documentation can be prepared. There is no need to transfer data to other PC systems.

Nursing staff

Equipment for nursing staff and connection to the PDMS via WLAN / terminal commands. It enables nursing staff to have quicker access to patient histories and test results – for quick communication and secure documentation. The device fits comfortably onto existing equipment trolleys. Also suitable for use in emergency services or for nursing staff working in home care.


Entertainment and network access for patients and users. In care homes and elderly residences, it is possible to connect staff and users to each other. The use of social networks and video call functions increase customer satisfaction and shorten communication channels.

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